Wednesday, March 10, 2010

for the love of

Saturated color.

I love playing along with easy photo assignment games on flickr.  It gives me a little something to mull over as I pass through the day.  A new way of seeing the same run to the grocery store, the school pick-up line, the dishes.  This week, Kristin started color week, asking for a different saturated color every day.  I didn't really shoot many new pics (except for the spilled grapes) but it was fun to browse through the old photostream and play along.

My imaginary career as a world famous photographer continues...


Jane said...

I've been watching your stream over at Flickr. What great work. Love all the colors together!

molly said...

I learned about it too late. didn't want to start half way through, but could use a good prompt right now. I loved seeing your bits of color mixed in with so many wintery grays on my contacts page.