Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Expensive Day (or No Good Deed Goes Unpunished)

Visit to the Museum.
(A tragedy in one act).

We open in a damp, dark parking garage.  Still without an epiphanie bag,  Jill instead shoves camera into messenger bag, along with diapers, wipes, snacks, wallet and phone.  Three kids unloaded from what appears to be one of the last spots in the garage.  A feeling of doom hovers.

The troop heads for the grimy elevator, while mostly avoiding the plethora of puddles and oil slicks.  And then...

Bag strap failure. 
Bag dump.
Camera plummet.


Camera body stage left.
Lens, stage right.

Jill:  Expletives.  (improvise).  Deep breaths. 

Camera will not go back together.  Plastic thing at the back has also popped off.  Can't even assess the damage now.  Just hustle it back to the car, while three confused kids huddle on the curb.



Amy said...

oh. that sucks. alot.

Maegan Beishline said...

Oh Jill, that's heartbreaking!!! Is anything fixable? You know, just the other weekend, my MIL offered to carry my {inexpensive/messenger type}camera bag as we were leaving her house. She then went to hug my daughter and the bag slid down her arm and hit the driveway. Everything is fine...but I freaked and immediately ordered an Epiphanie bag. Your story makes me so glad I did...not to rub it in or anything! I hope that you're able to fix your gear! I'm so sorry that happened!

Jill said...

I took it to the camera shop today: I broke the lens mount and the LCD screen. Cha-f*%$^ing-ching.

molly said...

I hate when that happens. And it has to me before.

shayo said...

hey jill!
im happy you found me, so i could find you. three boys, huh? calder and milo sure keep us busy!
anyhow, the paint color in our living room is by Behr and it's called sealife. take care!
shayO (beethings)