Monday, January 11, 2010

Stories of Creative People

Here are a few cool things about creative, passionate people that I've enjoyed lately, and thought you might too.

Helvetica Yes, a documentary about a font. Really quite engaging (though I did sleep through the last half hour, but that's just me). It's also about graphic design, visual culture and the global design world.  After you see it, you'll never look at Helvetica the same way again. 

Funny People.  An Adam Sandler movie, even.  Poignant story about fame, loneliness and the quiet desperation that most comics share.  A bit crude, a little too long, but surprisingly touching.

My Life in France.  If you liked the Julia Child scenes in Julie & Julia, you will love this book.  Julia Child's passion jumps off the pages and her descriptions of post-war Paris will make you want to sell everything and move to a shabby apartment on the Rue de Loo.

What stories about artists move you?

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Maegan Beishline said...

We just watched Funny People the other night! I totally agree with your review. Thanks for the other recommendations!