Monday, January 25, 2010

pink patchwork

A million years ago, I lived in a bubble gum pink bedroom.  Groovy 2-D animals covered my green bedspread and my mom's friend's painted my dresser with green chalkboard paint and used chalkboard erasers as drawer pulls.  A hot pink heaven.

My much adored grandmother Kingsley much adored the same deep bluey pink.  Her kitchen walls, corner kitchen cabinet (only one cabinet in those old kitchens) were all painted chalky pink.  Her avocado fridge broke up the pink and her big monster white stove took up a whole corner.  It probably just seem huge to me, with it's oven used for storing cereals and a pilot you had to light with a match every time.  Grandma, with her chestnut hair and Revlon's cherries in the snow lipstick, had very strong feelings about colors.  She hated lavendar and mint green - no pastels for this lady -- but she loved deep purple and kelly green, almost as much as pink. Can you guess which one is her in the picture?  Oh, notice my great Uncle Mike's shorts & suspenders.  To say nothing on the black socks.  Hey, I didn't say we were royalty.

So as I was taking pictures of this pink & green quilt top, I thought it might be too pink.  And then, I thought of Grandma and realize, for someone, it will be just pink enough.


Amy said...

It's so awesome Jill! I love it. Wow. I can't wait to see it in person one day. And I think I would have liked Grandma Kingsley.

molly said...

Amy said exactly my first thought. Oh you HAVE been busy. I love the freedom of this quilt, and the color combos are stunning. I think for my little Joan this would be just right.

Your Grandma's kitchen sounds delightful.

PS I should re-surface soon.

Jane said...

Not too pink at all! Just perfect!