Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A little scrambled

which way did he go?
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Many potential posts, but nothing felt right. This time of year feels like the time of new beginnings, and yet, I'm already pulled in so many directions. Our weekend was wall-to-wall birthday party, practices, scouts, neighborhood gigs, blah blah.

Anyway, I have a big idea though (thanks, Molly).

The challenge: Dinner. Little time. Lot of chaos.
Objectives: Home-cooked, nutritious meals that everyone can at least enjoy some parts. I feel like I've already hit a wall and we've just gotten back to Sept.

The strategy: Use someone else's plan. I'm going to cook the cover story from October's Real Simple Magazine,Month of Easy Dinners.
I should add that I have a cast of unique eaters. The older two are quite picky, and feed off each other's food reviews. The little guy's food allergies include: nuts, peanuts, sesame & egg. The older guy is lactose intolerant. And me, I'll eat anything, and it shows.

I would have a kick-off picture, but I can't get the lens back on the camera and I'm slightly panicked. Another story. Hoping a trip to the camera shop tomorrow will resolve that little crisis.

Now, back to the kitchen for reviews of night one.


Tara Thayer said...

hi jill. it ain't easy, right? i'd be glad to trade some ideas, though. we pretty much scroll through the same four or six things, with an occasional flash of brilliance. also? cheap is an operative word, but we also eat almost completely organically. if you're scratching your head, believe me, so am I. I hope week one goes well. Shoot me some results and I'll send you some winners from the girly front over here.
And-what photo store do you use? Do you ever use film anymore?
Take care!

Amy said...

Can't wait to follow along. I've long wished for some solution to the planning/shopping dilemma but they all seem harder than just winging it.

Amy said...

Can I just add that I followed that link and there isn't one thing on that month of menus that my kids will eat - it would be time and money wasted. If only Real Simple would do a month dinners for slightly-picky eaters...