Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 1: A flop. And some technical difficulties.

First, the sad news. Somehow a piece broke off my camera lens and it won't go back onto the body. I never took it off in the first place, just found it unattached in my camera bag. It gets worse. Took it to the camera shop with high hopes that I was the problem, but no. They have to send it out for repairs, and the fix starts at $100 just to clean the body of the camera (since the lens was off) not to mention the cost of fixing or possibly replacing the lens. And, it will take a while.

So, my plan for a well-photographed journey to a month of meals has started with a plotz.

Night one: Spicy orange drumsticks, green beans & cornbread.

Looked good. Easy. I liked little things like the drumsticks and the cornbread both baked at 400 degrees (something I never plan for). Nutritious and no allergy ingredients (well, the cornbread, but Jack skipped it). Annoyed that I bought a jar of chili-garlic sauce to use 1/2 teaspoon. I should have read that one through first.

Down side: The big boys ate the beans and the cornbread. Told me they weren't hungry for the chicken. Husband liked the chicken, but pronounced it a little weird. Perhaps because I think this is the first time I've ever made drumsticks. We will have to try it again, because I have a lot of chili-garlic sauce and orange marmalade left. Perhaps chicken breasts next time. Little guy had it for lunch the next day with no complaints.

Nothing I couldn't have thought of myself, but easier that I didn't have to plan it. I have a thing for citrus + chicken, so I liked it. The boys didn't eat it, but since they rarely do, so I don't feel so badly, and at least it was cheap.

To be re-booted when the camera returns. How can I continue with an undocumented life?


molly said...

Oh I'm going to like this series! Your writing is strong enough and stands alone without photos. I say don't worry and carry on with narrative until it comes back. (julie powell didn't use them) I know they say it takes a while, but speaking from experience my camera was returned relatively quickly.

We have picky eaters here too.

Anonymous said...

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