Saturday, September 12, 2009

Harrisville General Store or When I Have a Store

Our go-to store while in New Hampshire is so perfect. At the Harrisville General store, they:

- write the menu on a big old school chalkboard
- sell bait. and arugula sandwiches.
- seat you in old farmhouse tables and mismatched chairs with the perfect amount of old peeling paint
- have an old cart loaded with clear jars of nearly-penny candy by the front door
- sell five different newspapers, three local and the Times and the Globe
- make homemade donuts daily
- place a basketful of local apples by the cashwrap as they come in
- have the only wifi sight for miles
- sell french jam, Mrs. Meyers counter cleaner and All free & clear detergent
- make great coffee

I started fantasizing about owning such a store, and then one of the kids asked me for more eggs, after I had already cleaned up. I was so annoyed about having to get up, that Mark and I both laughed at the idea of my fantasy of cooking and serving (don't I do that anyway?).

Can you tell I loved it?

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Molly said...

I dream of owning a shop like this too. I think it the sense of community that shines through that appeals to me so strongly. I love all the photos of this place.