Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Red Bread Box
Originally uploaded by Grey Cottage Studio
My friend Molly started a Thrifty Thursday entry on her blog and invited others to join in. Had to add this one. It's not a thrift find, it was a trash pick find. Found it somewhere around 104th and Riverside around 2002. Balanced it on the back of the double stroller and giddily sped home. It's been home to arts & crafts materials for the kids, a mail sorter and paper holder in my hold kitchen, and a few days ago, a stool for Jack to reach the light switch. Actually, I just cleaned it out again and am thinking of a new use for it. No room in my kitchen for an actual bread box (I have used it as that too), but it will find a new purpose soon.

cost: $0.0! Woo hoo!


molly said...

Oh roadside treasures absolutely count! What a GREAT piece! More than once Paul has shamed me, yelling "garbage picker!" out the window as I investigate a new site.

Elizabeth said...

Finding great things out on the curb is the best! This is a wonderful find!