Wednesday, July 22, 2009

IKEA crush

Can't help it. I still love IKEA. My friend's husband describes it as a place where you buy a lot of crap you don't need, but I am still seduced. IKEA stuff that looks so cool in the store vignettes can also look instantly crappy when you get it home. I love how they push the design envelope though. I love the cheap & cheerfulness of it all, crap or not.

I also love home books. (can you see where this is going?). Big pictures of real rooms. Styled to show the personalities of the people who live there, not as designer show cases.

Last week at IKEA, I stumbled upon this book and it just jumped into the cart. The paper's thick, the illustrations rock and the rooms show just how real people (Swedish ones, of course) add just enough IKEA crap (and I say that with absolute love) to make it all work.

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