Thursday, July 9, 2009

Red Letter Day

1. Red barn, 2. Sheep with a Red Earring, 3. Heat, 4. Painting, 5. details, 6. Wonky Log Cabin, 7. Wonky Log Cabin, 8. At the parking garage, 9. Red Scarf, 10. On the Old Steps, 11. Tree hugger in training, 12. Red hoops, 13. Seaweed, 14. Local Tomatoes., 15. Radishes from the farmer's market, 16. Reds go first, 17. A Red Bag Thing, 18. Red tote for Teach, 19. Vintage quilt detail, 20. Drying off, 21. Brothers in arms, 22. pink stuffie, 23. geraniums in Spain, 24. te in Spain, 25. Pippi Longstocking lives
Just looking through my photostream, I realized that I shoot a lot of red things. And, I also find red hard to shoot. It's often blown out and fake looking for some reason. Anyway, here's a little mosaic of my red images. To me, red is a color of boldness, and I'm feeling bold today. Tackling a few projects on my lengthy to-do list. Some of them (paint Jack's dresser, he's two already), have been on there for a while.

Hope you have a red letter day too!


Amy said...

Beautiful montage!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please DO share your pictures of Spain, I can't wait to see them!

Molly said...

lovely reds! I can't get enough of it :)