Monday, May 4, 2009

My Assignment -- Should I Chose to Accept it

Like Jack's learning to ride his tricycle, I'm learning more about photography. I'm taking a very basic photography class at the local arts center and my assignment this week is to capture the essence of a store by shooting someone who works there. Quite a creative assignment for our first one. I'm such a chicken about asking strangers if I can take their picture. I haven't done my assignment yet. If it were about a color, or a word, or kids, I'm all over it. But this whole stranger thing makes me skittish. Sounds funny, but it's my challenge this week, not just my assignment. Anyone else willing to try it?


molly said...

oh i LOVE this idea, but yes intimidating. my mind is all over it. my challenge: wild kids running amuck while i shoot away. that wouldn't be welcome. how many shots can you submit?

Amy said...

Good luck with that... I think it sounds hard. I hope you'll post your work!

Grey Cottage Studio said...

I think it sounds hard too. I haven't taken one shot yet.