Thursday, May 7, 2009

Looking at the Lawn - Photography Adventures

Here's what happens when you have a to do list which includes:
- packing for a girls weekend (hurrah! so necessary, but so much work to get away)
- writing up everyone's schedule for the next few days
- folding laundry that has yet to become self-folding. Will someone please get on that?
- running to the pharmacistdrycleanergrocerystorebank for the millionth time. Frequent flier miles anyone?
- putting out the recycling, which seems to have multiplied over night
- blah blah blah

You decide a little creative time will be just the mood adjuster needed to get going on said list. And wow, is that yard GREEN, but for some reason, all of my pictures look so drab here.  Check them on flickr.  See what I mean?  What's up with that?

1 comment:

Wend said...

Love it - less is more sometimes and you get it just right!