Monday, April 27, 2009

Here Here

I'm reading this wonderful book called calm and compassionate children -- A handbook. The book's three sections -- awakening the heart's feelings, calming body & mind and surrounding influences -- offer anecdotes, prescriptives and exercises to make the home calmer and the children (and parents) more open and loving. The author founded two schools in Portland, OR, that I want to enroll my children in tomorrow. I've seen such a push toward the median in public schools, even the very good ones, which saddens me.

Anyway, in honor of chapter 2, "Nature Awakens Feelings," I present a quote and some pictures.

"Few are altogether blind and deaf to the sweet looks and voices of nature. There is a love of wild nature in everybody." -- John Muir. 

Here! Here! John Muir!

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molly said...

i NEED that book. seriously.

Thank you for sharing this post, Jill.