Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Need Girls Night Out

I just realized that while I have been chatting and catching up with old friends via facebook and virtual friends via blogs and flickr, I have neglected seeing my face-to-face friends. I don't like talking on the phone much, and a toddler keeps me from setting up very many lunches. I got almost panicky about it this afternoon when I couldn't remember the last girls night out I'd been to.

So,I invited two friends over for coffee on Thursday. Now, I have to organize a night with friends and without husbands, book clubs or kids. I'm thinking of a good old fashioned girls night here at home. I'm working up the nerve to expand the group a bit and invite some of those women whom I always have liked, but have not socialized with outside of school activities. I know some people do this effortlessly, but I'm much more the one to go along, rather than the one to organize.

Time to step a wee bit out of the comfort zone and make time for myself. Plus, inviting a group over is a sure way to jump start the spring cleaning.


Amy said...

When should I come over?

Grey Cottage Studio said...

Any time! (though after 9:30 you have a better shot of the breakfast dishes being put away)