Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Shoulder Bag

Little Shoulder Bag
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I am just the kind of girl who likes color. My house is actually pretty neutral (though probably more from indecision than serenity) but frankly, I find I'm drawn to color. I love the look of someone swathed head to toe in taupe or all in whites and creams, but it just doesn't feel like me. In fact, if I ever do wear any warm shade of creamy white, I swear, at least one person asks me if I'm feeling ill.  

Really, my favorite color is fuchsia. (Side note: a former colleague of mine has a daughter named Fuchsia.  She's British, so I think it works.)

So, here's the latest bag. A punchy little thing. I modified the charming bag handles to make it more of a shoulder bag, which I do prefer to the original (though, there's definitely a place for the handbag). I added some very stiff interfacing panels into both sides, and frankly, this puppy could use a magnetic snap. But, here she is. A pop of color for fall. Why not?

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Amy said...

Adorable! Was it your pattern?