Sunday, September 7, 2008

Branching out from Bags


I took a breather from my bag obsession and made a pillow. It's actually a project that I started at least a month ago.  One of those things that took about a half an hour to finish, and yet it sat there for weeks. 

 I started this log cabin pillow as a way to use some of the green fabrics I had accumulated and also just to try the technique.  I went about it very roughly, just sewing on strips and trimming as I sewed.  I really didn't even have a size in mind.  I love that wonky log cabin look (and it's really easy).  I added some Ginger Bliss fabric as a border and backed it with a table runner that really was too small for my table.  I cut it envelope-style so I could take the cover off for washing and so I wouldn't have to hand sew the opening closed (I saw another week on the shelf if I added another finishing step).  Using the table runner was easy since I didn't have to hem the sides.  Anyway, I like the pillow on the black club chair, however, I was a bit dismayed this morning when I noticed that someone had actually sat on it and squished it.  Occupational hazard if you're a family room pillow, I suppose. 

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Amy said...

I love LOVE this pillow. It speaks to me.