Friday, September 5, 2008

I Actually Made Something from a Japanese Craft Book

Well, sort of.

Like many others in the blogosphere and beyond, I love Japanese craft books.  The gorgeous photography and the sophisticated, simple projects all look so alluring.  I bought this bag book at Kinokuyiya in Manhattan one day this summer when I took the boys to the city for an afternoon.  They had to go to the craft section with me and in return, I patiently waited in the Pokemon section for them.  Fair deal.  Anyway, today I finished my first project from this bag book.  Well, project, inspired by the bag book.  I really didn't take the time to practice the red line enough (though I do think it makes the bag) and I used some ribbon on cotton webbing for handles.  Also, I tacked up the corners to give it a bottom so it would stand up, rather than just a flat magazine bag, as pictured.  I think it needs some kind of embellishment, but clearly, it's a pretty blank canvas, so I'll think of something.  

I think I like it, but it doesn't thrill me. I think it's the handles.  I'm convinced that handles can take a bag from passable to fabulous.  Consider it a work in progress, and my biggest digression from a pattern.  More bags from this book to come.


Megan said...

Ooh, I love this. I love the simplicity of the exterior and the punch of fun inside. I've been wanting to treat myself to some Japanese craft books. This was a great reminder.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments on my upcycling project.

Grey Cottage Studio said...

My pleasure! I'll visit you again.

Green Kitchen said...

I find that if I embroider a little something onto a project it makes me love it on a whole new level. It can even be as simple as a running stitch. Maybe something tiny and red?

I think it's nice as-is, too.

candy said...

beautiful bag!