Monday, April 16, 2012

making life more beautiful

I have been reading Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh lately, and listening to Peace is Every Breath on my ipod. I like the spiritual guidance I find there and there's plenty to ruminate on when on my daily walk (which really, truly, I want to turn into a daily run, but that's another post.)

Here's a passage that struck me today.

"Even when we are not painting or writing, we are still creating.  We are pregnant with beauty, joy and peace and we are making life more beautiful for many people."

Preparing a meal for another person can be part of making life more beautiful for someone else.  I know that's how I feel when someone prepares a meal for me, though not usually the thought running through my head when serving the kids.  I get so tired of preparing meal after meal, often to an ungrateful crowd.  I suppose I cannot change how they receive the food, but I can change how I feel about preparing it.  And so, today, I will try and remember this message.

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