Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sometimes they can be so, well, beastly.

"I was the best mother when I provided appropriate guidance and then got out of the way."  From Anna Quindlen heard today on Terry Gross' Fresh Air.  Listening to her, I had to chuckle.  Sometimes there's no choice.  Get out of the way, or get doused with a cold hose.

The boys thought this first one was such a funny capture -- Max pushing his poor little brother to the ground.  I thought it was proof that he was just too rough with the little guy.  There were some tears (from the little one) but I don't think a thing changed.  Perhaps someday Jack can use it to get some justice.  If there is such a thing.

I have enjoyed Anna Quindlen's books, and I did find her interview inspiring in terms of her view of life from her late fifties.  However, her horrible Philadelphia accent was so distracting.  And I can say this because that's where I grew up. 

The guns are so vulgar to me.  But that's what they like.  I put these pictures up to show the rougher, darker side.  Funny though, it doesn't look so bad to me now.

From a visit to the great grandparents. In their little boxy house, on a street of little boxy houses, they look out and watch the old people go by.

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Jane said...

You know I get this. Every single word of it. And, coming off a vacation with my brother and sister-in-law, whom are kid-less and in their late 40's, I am pretty much raising boys that will soon be in their judgement. Oh, it was a long week.