Thursday, October 13, 2011

Self Reflection.

I was in the city today for Lighting Class #2.  Lots learned there. Head still spinning.  Brain happy to be fed.

After class, I had a half hour before catching my train. I love shooting in NYC, because you can practically put a camera in someone's face and no one really looks twice. They all think you're a tourist or a dork (which they think are interchangeable).  I was playing with all of the great reflections and the street traffic.  Parked myself in front of a bank and shot away with the trusty hipstomatic app on my iphone.  I kind of like the challenge of having all of the post production constraints put on you before you even shoot.  Anyway, a series.

"Does this bank make my butt look big?"


Sam said...

Jill! These are so fun. Love the one with your finger in it. Seriously.

Tara Thayer said...

i love the man with the hat, best.
so great, jill!