Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pictured :: Not Pictured


- Stillness.  Sometimes I think I take pictures of my kids rather than videos because it's the only time they are quiet.  (in the picture that is, certainly not while being photographed).

-Industry.  October seems to mean - get busy.  Just ask the fleet of squirrels zooming around our yard and the flocks of birds pccking at the grass.  The freight train that is September has left the station;  the holidays are on the horizon, but not in a menacing way;  the yarn calls from the bin;  the apples are hardier than the tomatoes.  More forgiving if you don't make them into something right away.  That suits me.

Not Pictured:
- Grins. The inordinate joy I felt when tooling around with my iLife upgrade. It has a face recognition feature which can result in some interesting questions. It asked if I was Max, which I thought was funny, because I don't think he looks like me, but my computer does.  So there.
- Intrepidation.  Starting a new painting class with a new teacher.  It's daunting. I feel vulnerable.  I love it.

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