Thursday, October 8, 2009

Magical Thinking

I remember when the twins were two-ish and once in a blue moon we'd have a jackpot day. Everyone would nap in sync, wake up cheerfully, eat all the healthy foods I'd prepared, actually play with some of their toys or get engrossed in something wonderful outside. You know the day. You had one too. Anyway, when that day ended, I'd re-hash every detail trying to figure out how to re-create that magic. What time did that nap start? When was meal time? What was the soundtrack? In other words, what could I do to make it happen again.

It seems funny to remember that person now, but I did it again today. Everything fell into place with little guy's napping and our mini-adventure, with the big guys' homework and football practice (not the eating though - nothing's perfect). And already I'm asking myself what I did differently to make this all happen.

As if my actions control all of their moods, wishes, motivations so perfectly.

I think the psychological term is "magical thinking."

If only it were so easy.

Oh well, at least it was a good one. Hope you had one too.

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Tara Thayer said...

well, let's not look a gift day in the mouth. and it does sound like a magical day.
we have a term similar to that which describes our entire life: folie a deux. go ahead. look it up in the DSM III.
i love your new header!