Monday, November 24, 2008

Mitten Smitten

I've started knitting again, and rather frantically. That's sort of how I roll with knitting. Hot or Cold. No warm. I have too large of a stash of yarn which has sat in a big black plastic tub for about the last year while I fell in love with the new boy in town -- my Bernina. Knitting's greatness really lies in its portability. My sewing machine lives out in the epynonymous grey cottage, hence unless toddler is asleep, it's challenging to get a block of time out there. On the other hand, if I do find a block of time (falling mysteriously from the sky), I can whip things out much more quickly on the sewing machine. And I am a big fan of the whipping things out school of craft. Must admit.

Here's a mitten shot from a two year old pair. Knit with noro silk garden and along for the walk in woods yesterday. The new pair (knit from an old ball of Colinette Skye) is simply awaiting thumbs. I'm thinking about doing the thumbs in a contrasting color, just because...

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