Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Becoming A Bread Head

Yes, I'm becoming a bread head. Not the best, because a bread butt soon follows. However, I'm hooked, which, to extend the metaphor, means I'm sunk.

Yesterday's experiment: Hungarian cinnamon swirl bread. I must admit, mine looked a little funky. It didn't really rise very much.

After some reading, I think either the ingredients were too cold (flour came straight from the freezer), I didn't let it rise long enough, or the yeast touched the other liquids too soon. Oh, really I have no idea. Anyway, we had sort of mutant loaves. They actually tasted pretty delicious toasted (according to my official tasters, and I must concur). I am tempted to try the cinnamon spread from king arthur flour co, but it does have some dried shortening. It makes me think a bit too much of the hydrogenated fats in breads that I'm trying to avoid. Am I wrong about this? I am also intrigued by their Vietnamese cinnamon, that supposed to be more cinnamon-y than the usual stuff. Hmm.. I'm such a sucker for that kind of thing.

Also, check out this great blog post (from 2006!) from Smittenkitchen about some tips she learned in a bread baking class and some great sounding recipes. Chocolate orange bread anyone? Two of my favorite flavors, and colors for that matter.

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