Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jonesing for the Country

I just finished Josh Kilmer Purcell's witty book, The Bucolic Plague, and since then I've had the craving for a country house.  The work load he describes does not make me long to actually be a farmer however.  So today, despite some whining, moaning and general obstinacy, Mark & I insisted on a FUN FAMILY farm trip.  We're holding off on our annual apple picking until we're a bit closer to Halloween so it was off to my favorite meticulously clean and organized farm, Stone Barns.

I couldn't decide if this shot was about the grass and the sheep:

or the sky.

You know the ending.  Everyone had a good time in spite of themselves. It just warms me to see Jack on the grass calling to the chickens instead of on his belly watching a tv show.

 Good ideas for a beautiful fall garden.  If only.

Max forgot his sweater, so I lent him mine.  We called him Granny.

There was an odd toilet though, sadly not pictured.  You dropped a pile of wood shavings on top of your business and then closed the lid.  When I opened the lid, it was filled to the brim with clean looking, non-smelly shavings.  Quite a shock, and sort of a revelation.  It was like peeing in a hamster cage.  Sorry, TMI, I know.

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Jane said...

Sounds like a great place to visit! And what a day to do it on. Yesterday was picture perfect!