Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh, just my life.

My poor, broken camera was supposed to be coming home from the camera hospital yesterday.  And yesterday was seven days after the hopeful discharge date.  "The 14th at the latest," said the message on my machine.  Like a little girl seeing her pony again, I showed up at the camera shop bright and early at the Camera Shop, eager for our reunion.  Sorry, they told me.  It's not here.  The parts haven't been shipped from Nikon and we don't know when they will be.

Sigh. Shoulders slump.

Well, offered the lady, it's nothing fancy, but you can borrow my camera if you have an event or something.  Do you have an event?

Oh, I thought.  Only my life.


Jane said...

oh Jill, I'm so sorry! Hoping those parts will come soon!

Maegan Beishline said...

Oh man, Jill! I'd be going nuts! Did you tell the lady that you're life was full of events? That you're an artist for gosh sakes? You know, I think the universe wants you to get a new camera!!!

Jill said...

Sorry for the whining. I know there are many other important things in life. I just thought you folks would understand (and you do! and that's why I love you!)

Molly said...

I feel your pain. been there. you are justified in your feelings. our cameras become an extension of ourselves as much as the pen, or the brush or the eye.

Can't you send it directly to an online source? I mailed mine to New Jersey and it was returned, good as new, within 2 weeks.