Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Letters

There's something powerful going on in flickr land.  The pictures of our homes, our neighborhoods are starting to morph into pictures of ourselves.  It's much, much more challenging to turn the lens on yourself and not automatically hit the delete button.  It may sound funny to some, but I think it's an act of courage, and I admit, I'm not always ready for the self-reflection. I would much rather turn the lens outward, but as Molly said, if we don't put ourselves in the family album, who will?  I love the Shutter Sisters' challenge to write yourself a Valentine.  I had trouble coming up with what to say, so I cribbed from the Valentine's Max gave to his friends.  Like Molly said, if not me, then who?


Amy said...

It was a powerful and fun day in flickr-land yesterday.

Your photos were shining stars among lots and lots of wonderful images.

molly said...

oh! I wasn't on flickr yesterday, and just got on the computer for the first time today. So I'll be heading over, but I know what you mean about courage. Let's keep the sp's up shall we, because it's been my experience that courage, needs exercise like a muscle, and it brings powerful rewards. Love you!

Maegan Beishline said...