Saturday, June 27, 2009

100 Things to Love about Summer: 1. Day Tripping

School ended at 12:00 on Thursday and camp starts at 9:00 on Monday. Whew. That's a lot of chill-laxing to pack in over the weekend. Friday, the little guy stayed home and I took Max & Alex for a day in the city. They chose the itinerary which included stops at dad's office (two hours after we had dropped him at the train), a trip to a coin store, a trip to Kinokuniya bookstore, ice cream in Bryant Park, quick bite at Grand Central and back on the train. The coin shop was a highlight. John, the ancient proprietor lit up when I introduced my two young coin collectors. He sat them down across the counter and showed them coin after coin, explaining what made each one interesting. He then offered two dollar bills at a discount ($10 for a $2 bill...hmmmm) and my kids like nothing better than a deal. They've spent hours today putting each of their coins into a little sleeve and labeling it. So cute and so old-fashioned.

So, one thing I love about the summer is the free time to explore.

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